Sunday, 18 October 2015

Second, revised edition of my "Trekking in Ladakh" guidebook

I visit Ladakh quite often since my guidebook was first published in 2012. The region changes. New bridges and new roads were built (with some of them damaged during the May 2015 flood), the number of visitors increased. Popular routes get packed during the peak season. Some treks can be shortened as places on the way become accessible by car.
I've checked new variants of some routes and trekked again some well known footpaths. The information which I gathered are included in the current edition of the guide.
Re-trekking the less popular routes reassured me that the best treks are located in the wild and remote parts of Ladakh. They are challenging, extremely beautiful and give much satisfaction. They are in the book and I hope readers will find joy exploring them.
The paperback edition was released a few days ago. As previously, the book will be available in the EPUB and Amazon Kindle as well as some other ebook formats.
For more information about the book please visit the Cicerone Press website.

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